CMI Project 4.3.13: Optimizing the economic performance of CMI technologies

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John Sutherland at Purdue University leads the CMI project "Optimizing the economic performance of CMI technologies"

Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) is a technique that combines production cost modeling with customer/financial analysis to provide decision-making insight to research and development. Our commitments calls for: (1) performing TEAs in collaboration with CMI researchers at the earliest technology readiness level (TRL) stage possible; and (2) developing a TEA software tool for CMI scientists/engineers.

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Leadership Development: Hongyue Jin

A CMI webinar series focused on optimizing the economic performance of CMI technologies.

  • Fu Zhao at Purdue University, “Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)," link to webinar
  • Hongyue Jin at University of Arizona, and Sidi Deng at Purdue university, "A Tutorial for Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA),"link to webinar
  • John Sutherland at Purdue University, "Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE), link to webinar
  • John Sutherland on "Techno-Economic Analysis of Value Recovery Opportunities from End-of-Life Products," link to webinar

CMI researchers in this project collaborated on these research highlights: