Chemical Sciences & Materials Chemistry Solid-State NMR Laboratory Equipment



400 MHz/264GHz Bruker AVANCE III MAS-DNP Spectrometer

The first MAS-DNP instrument in the nation for the study of materials forms a cornerstone of the facility. YieldingBruker AVANCE unrivaled sensitivity, MAS-DNP enables the detection of the most minute quantities of materials and enables the structural characterization of interfacial regions. A 1.3 mm fast-MAS-DNP probe enables for combining the advantages of DNP with those of fast-MAS and 1H-detection.

Probes :

  • 3.2 mm Bruker HXY MAS-DNP probe
  • 1.3 mm Bruker HXY fast-MAS-DNP probe
400 MHz Agilent DD2 Spectrometer

This spectrometer is equipped with a Magnex wide-bore magnet and can reach temperatures from -100 to 200°C for400 Mhz Agilent variable-temperature studies. Fast-MAS rates of up to 50 kHz can also be accessed with a 1.7 mm probe.


  • 5 mm Chemagnetics HX probe
  • 5 mm Chemagnetics T3 probe (can use specialized high-pressure rotors for in situ studies)
  • 3.2 mm Chemagnetics HX probe
  • 3.2 mm Varian HFXY probe
  • 1.7 mm Samoson HX fast-MAS probe
600 MHz Varian VNMRS SpectrometerVarian VNMRS

This spectrometer is equipped with 3.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.3 mm, and 0.75 mm triple-resonance MAS probes capable of reaching MAS speeds of up to 100 kHz for achieving the highest spectral resolution.

Probes :

  • 3.2 mm Varian HXY probe
  • 1.6 mm Varian HXY probe
  • 1.6 mm Varian pulsed field gradient HXY probe
  • 1.3 mm PhoenixNMR HXY probe
  • 0.75 mm JEOL HX probe
600 MHz Bruker AVANCE NEO Spectrometer600 MHz Bruker

This spectrometer is equipped with a wide array of probes and a console capable of performing multiple-receiver and various fast-MAS experiments with MAS rates of up to 100 kHz.

Probes :

  • Static Bruker HX probe
  • 4.0 mm Bruker HXY probe
  • 2.5 mm Bruker HXY probe
  • 1.3 mm PhoenixNMR HXY probe
  • 0.75 mm JEOL HX probe
Wet Laboratory

A wet laboratory equipped with a fume hood, Schlenk line, argon glovebox, wet box, rotary evaporator, oven, and wet lab tube furnace is on-site for sample preparation and handling.



Frederic A. Perras
Takeshi Kobayashi
Marek Pruski
Long Qi
Aaron J. Rossini



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