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Contact Information

Human Resources Office 151 TASF 294-2680
Diane Muncrief  Manager 294-5731
  Labor Relations - Professional  
  Performance Management  
  HR Policies and interpretation  
  Classification and Hiring  
  Compensation and Benefits  
  DOE Reporting  
Lynnette Witt  Assistant Manager 294-5740
  Classification and Hiring
  Labor Relations - Contract  
  Visa Administration  
  Diversity - EEO Reporting  
Mallory Schon  Program Coordinator  294-8062
  eAppraisal Performance Management  
  FMLA Administration and Questions  
  Employee Education and Onboarding  
  Succession Planning  
  Mentoring Program  
Rhonda DeShong  Program Assistant 294-0931
  eAppraisal Technical Assistance and Set Up  
  Data Inquiries and Reports  
  FV&A Documentation and questions  
  EASE Coordinator  
  Employment and Payroll  
        Grad Students  
        Student Associates  
        Visiting Scientists  
Rhonda Hill  Clerk 294-2681
   Employment and Payroll  
        P&S Staff  
        Merit Staff  
       Casual Hourly  
        Staff Associates  
Carol Cowan Secretary 294-2680
  Check In / Check Out  

Training, Documents & Records Office

105 TASF 294-9972
Vacant Training, Documents & Records Coordinator 294-1376
  Document development and revision  
  Training development  
  Training requirements/completions  
  Records requests  
Molly Daub Training, Documents & Records Program Assistant 294-2864
  Records requests  
  Training requirements/completions  
  EEOICPA requests