Orbital fluctuations and orbital flipping in RVO3 perovskites

TitleOrbital fluctuations and orbital flipping in RVO3 perovskites
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsYan JQ, Zhou JS, Goodenough JB, Ren Y, Cheng JG, Chang S, Zarestky J, Garlea O, Liobet A, Zhou HD, Sui Y, Su WH, McQueeney RJ
Journal TitlePhysical Review Letters
Date PublishedNov
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0031-9007
Accession NumberISI:000250810500061
KeywordsCATION DISORDER, DISTORTIONS, order, superconductors, temperature, YVO3

The effect of the average R-site ionic radius < IR > and variance on the orbital and magnetic order in R3+-doped YVO3 was studied in Y1-xLaxVO3 and Y1-x(La0.2337Lu0.7663)(x)VO3 with fixed < IR >. The orbital flipping temperature T-CG increases nonlinearly with increasing R-site variance, indicating that the V-O-V bond angle is not the primary driving force stabilizing the C-type orbitally ordered phase. The suppressed thermal conductivity in the G-type orbitally ordered phase signals some remaining orbital randomness that is enhanced by t(2) and et hybridization in T-3(1g) site symmetry.

Alternate JournalPhys. Rev. Lett.