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Metal & Alloy Services

The MPC specializes in the preparation, purification, and fabrication of high-purity rare earth metals, refractory metals, alkaline earth metals, and alloys in single and polycrystalline forms. Utilizing a core staff consisting of three research scientists and three technicians, this section prepares unique materials with a variety of techniques. Facilities exist for the preparation and purification of metals and alloys including:

  • Zone refining
  • Distillation and electrotransport purification
  • Non-consumable and consumable arc casting (view video)
  • Several configurations of induction and resistance furnaces with controlled atmosphere capabilities including chill casting.


Special alloy ingots preparations from several grams to 25 kg can be prepared under controlled conditions to maintain purity and compositional control. Fabrication equipment includes:

  • 100-ton 12" rolling mill (rod and flat rolling)
  • 6" rolling mill
  • 700-ton hydro extrusion press
  • 5 rotary die swaging machines (1" - 0.014")
  • 12.5-ton 10' and 1.2-ton 8' hydraulic wire drawing benches

If you are wondering "Why do we need High purity metals?" or "How pure are Ames Laboratory's rare earth metals?" follow the links above.  You may also want to visit our Stoichiometry FAQ to learn why we quote on "nominal" compositions.