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Materials Preparation Center

The Materials Preparation Center (MPC) is recognized throughout the worldwide research community for its unique capabilities in  purification, preparation, and characterization of:

Rare earth metals  [learn about rare earths]
Single crystal growth

Metal Powders/Atomization
Alkaline-earth metals
[learn more, wikipedia]
Refractory metal [learn more, wikipedia]

Established in 1981, the MPC is a one-of-a-kind facility, which is acutely sensitive to the needs of researchers. Providing research and developmental quantities of high-purity materials and unique characterization services to scientists at university, industry and government facilities on a cost-recovery basis, the MPC allows access to novel materials and new technologies as they are developed.  We do this because, without high purity metals researchers may be missing, or not seeing, the true physical properties (or physics of the material) which results in missed opportunities to refine theories, discover new materials and phemomena, or develop devices.

The MPC is renowned for its outstanding technical expertise in alloy design, creating materials that exhibit ultra-fine microstructures, and high strength and high conductivity - properties of great potential value to American technology. The MPC has an established a reputation for close interaction with its clients, providing the kind of personal service required to meet each client's individual needs. The MPC yearly satisfies hundreds of requests for customized materials and services that are unavailable from commercial suppliers and unmatched in quality anywhere else in the world. The range of our utilization is demonstrated by the scientific publications in which we are cited. Please view our bibliography.

The Materials Preparation Center is a U.S. Department of EnergyOffice of ScienceOffice of Basic Energy SciencesDivision of Materials Sciences & Engineering specialized research center located at the Ames Laboratory.

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