CMI Project 1.1.12: Critical material recovery from ores and lean sources

Vyacheslav Bryantsev at Oak Ridge National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Critical material recovery from ores and lean sources"

Focus is on developing economical methods of recovery of rare earths (RE) from traditional/ nontraditional sources including ores, tailings, and processing streams leading to industry adoption of one or more CMI technologies and to expanded domestic sources of critical materials. Emphasis is on improving the economics of producing concentrates via design of selective collectors, improving state-of-the-art leaching efficiency, RE recovery from leachates, and separation of fine RE-containing solids from viscous liquids. Employed tools include supercomputing, laser spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence, electron microscopy, and a range of separation equipment, such as flotation cells, leaching vessels, cyclones, centrifuges, filters, and extraction contactors.