CMI Education Partners Offer Courses

The CMI Team includes education providers. The CMI Education and Outreach staff reviewed the courses these colleges and universities offer, and created an inventory of those related to critical materials and rare earth elements. The list of courses taught by CMI Team members is available by university and grouped by topic:


Of the 150 courses, one is offered by CMI and Iowa State University: The three-credit engineering course, MSE 457-557, covers nearly every topic related to rare-earth metals. It is taught by Vitalij Pecharsky every other spring.  The course description is: M S E 557. Chemical and Physical Metallurgy of Rare Earth Metals. (Dual-listed with MAT E 457). (3-0) Cr. 3. Alt. S., offered even-numbered years. Prereq: MAT E 311 or CHEM 325 AND CHEM 324 or PHYS 322  Electronic configuration, valence states, minerals, ores, beneficiation, extraction, separation, metal preparation and purification. Crystal structures, phase transformations and polymorphism, and thermochemical properties of rare earth metals. Chemical properties: inorganic and organometallic compounds, alloy chemistry, nature of the chemical bonding. Physical properties: mechanical and elastic properties, magnetic properties, resistivity, and superconductivity.

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