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Fill Out a Requisition Form


  Filling out a Requisition?

A copy of the fillable Requisition form can be found here.

1- Filling in your (the requesters) information and obtaining signatures

  • Signature spaces must be filled out after the Requisition has been printed.
  • Signatures are required from personnel with signature authority over the account (Additional signatures may be required depending on dollar amount or item(s) being purchased).
  • Items are delivered to the office address provided unless otherwise noted in the Deliver to Field.

Image2- Project

  • Enter your Project(s) in the Proj. Abbr/Job Order and Project field(s).
  • If splitting projects, specify dollar amount to each project in the Allocated Amt. field(s)

3- Vendor and Item information

  • Type suggested source and contact information if available
  • Type the description, catalog number and unit cost
  • Attach a quote with requisition if applicable
  • Indicate operating system if requesting computing device
  • All requisitions must include a justification for purchase

4- Capital Equipment and Breakdown/ Emergencies

  • Capital Equipment is classified as equipment or a set of equipment with a total cost of $500k and over and a useful life of over 2 years (Call the budget office for more information on capital equipment)

If you have additional information that you would like to include with the requisition, please print it on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the requisition.

Notes: If the budget use section does not print off (see section 2) make sure in the print screen Comments and Forms has ˜Document and Markups" selected.