Imaging of Collapsed Fatty Acid Films at Air-Water Interfaces

TitleImaging of Collapsed Fatty Acid Films at Air-Water Interfaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSeok S, Kim TJ, Hwang SY, Kim YD, Vaknin D, Kim D
Journal TitleLangmuir
Date Published08/18
ISBN Number0743-7463
Accession NumberISI:000268719900062
Keywordsbilayer, brewster-angle microscopy, ellipsometry, langmuir monolayer, multilayers, nucleation, phase-transitions, phospholipid-membranes, stearic-acid, x-ray

In situ imaging ellipsometry is employed to monitor the morphology of collapsed films of fatty acid Langmuir monolayers on pure water and on CaCl2 solution. The ellipsometry images reveal the existence of multilayer domains in the collapsed region, and analysis of the images yields the thicknesses of these domains. The multilayer films formed oil water are mainly trilayers, while those on CaCl2 solution are mainly bilayers. The structure of the collapsed films also changes sensitively depending oil the history of compression of the molecular layer.

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