Benefits of Parallel I/O in Ab Initio Nuclear Physics Calculations

TitleBenefits of Parallel I/O in Ab Initio Nuclear Physics Calculations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLaghave N, Sosonkina M, Maris P, Vary JP
Journal TitleComputational Science - Iccs 2009, Part I
ISBN Number0302-9743
Accession NumberISI:000267676600009
Keywordshdf5, mfdn, parallel i/o

Many modern scientific applications rely on highly parallel calculations, which scale to 10's of thousands processors. However, most applications do not concentrate on parallelizing input/output operations. In particular, sequential I/O has been identified as a bottleneck for the highly scalable MFDn (Many Fermion Dynamics for nuclear structure) code performing ab initio nuclear structure calculations. In this paper, we develop interfaces and parallel I/O procedures to use a well-known parallel I/O library in MFDn. As a result, we gain efficient input/output of large datasets along with their portability and ease of use in the downstream processing.

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