Soft X-ray resonant scattering study of single-crystal LaSr2Mn2O7

TitleSoft X-ray resonant scattering study of single-crystal LaSr2Mn2O7
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLi HF, Su Y, Chatterji T, Nefedov A, Persson J, Meuffels P, Xiao Y, Vaknin D, Bruckel T
Journal TitleEuropean Physical Journal B
Date Published04/01
ISBN Number1434-6028
Accession NumberISI:000276900000005
KeywordsCHARGE, diffraction, interplay, MANGANITES, spin

Soft X-ray resonant scattering studies at the Mn L-II,L- III- and the La M-IV,M- V- edges of single-crystal LaSr2Mn2O7 are reported. At low temperatures, below T-N a parts per thousand 160 K, energy scans with a fixed momentum transfer at the A-type antiferromagnetic (0 0 1) reflection around the Mn L-II,L- III-edges with incident linear sigma and pi polarizations show strong resonant enhancements. The splitting of the energy spectra around the Mn L-II,L- III-edges may indicate the presence of a mixed valence state, e.g., Mn3+/Mn4+. The relative intensities of the resonance and the clear shoulder-feature as well as the strong incident sigma and pi polarization dependences strongly indicate its complex electronic origin. Unexpected enhancement of the charge Bragg (0 0 2) reflection at the La M-IV,M- V-edges with sigma polarization has been observed up to 300 K, with an anomaly appearing around the orbital-ordering transition temperature, T-OO a parts per thousand 220 K, suggesting a strong coupling (competition) between them.

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