Quasicrystal surfaces

TitleQuasicrystal surfaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsThiel PA
Journal TitleAnnual Review of Physical Chemistry
Type of ArticleReview
ISBN Number0066-426X
Accession NumberISI:000255723500006
Keywordsal-pd-mn, catalysis, CU-FE, density-of-states, energy-electron diffraction, epitaxy, friction, INITIAL INTERACTION, intermetallic, metal-films, oxidation, oxygen, SINGLE-CRYSTAL, THIN, TRIBOLOGICAL PROPERTIES

Studies of ordered, yet nonperiodic, metallic alloys known as quasicrystals have generated exciting questions and fundamental insights about the relationship between surface atomic structure and surface properties. In this review, I give examples from oxidation, friction, heterogeneous catalysis, and solid film growth, in which the Al-rich quasicrystals exhibit unusual properties, relative to crystalline materials of similar composition.

Alternate JournalAnnu. Rev. Phys. Chem.