Theresa Windus appointed new chair of chemistry department

Theresa WindusTheresa Windus, a scientist at Ames National Laboratory and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University, was selected as the new chair of Iowa State University’s Department of Chemistry.

Windus, a computational chemist, develops methods and algorithms for high performance computational chemistry and collaborates with scientist in an extensive range of fields to drive innovation and create efficiencies in basic and applied research. She conducts her work as an Iowa State professor and a U.S. Department of Energy Ames National Laboratory senior scientist.

“We have a wonderful department that is well-known for its research, teaching, and service. One of my goals is to extend that reputation further, both nationally and internationally, through coordinated communication campaigns, alumni and stakeholder networks, appropriate improvements in our undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and recruiting and retention efforts. This is a collaborative, long-term effort involving the whole department, LAS and University staff and administration, and external participants. Fortunately, we have great people in place to ensure success!” Windus said. READ MORE