R&D 100 Finalists for 2023 are announced

logo for 2023 R&D 100 Award Finalist

R&D World magazine announced a total of 156 Finalists for the 2023 R&D 100 Awards. This renowned worldwide science and innovation competition, celebrating its 61st year, received entries from 15 different countries and regions. This year’s judging panel included 45 well-respected industry professionals from across the world.

Congratulations to three CMI project teams for being selected as finalists in the 2023 R&D 100 Awards program. Each of the three CMI technologies recognized emerged from projects that spanned multiple Team members, including industry, academic and national laboratory partners.

  • Critical Rare Earth Free Cerium Gap Magnets, Critical Materials Institute, Ames National Laboratory, and BUNTING-DuBois. This was developed through the CMI project led by Andriy Palasyuk, Ames National Laboratory. He describes collaboration and research in permanent magnets in this video from Ames National Laboratory. https://youtu.be/zsb61XSzylI
  • EASE: Ether-based Aqueous Separations and Extractions, Idaho National Laboratory and Ames National Laboratory. This was developed through the CMI project led by Aaron Wilson, Idaho National Laboratory. See more details in this publication: C. Stetson, D. Prodius, H. Lee, C. Orme, B. White, H. Rollins, D. Ginosar, I.C. Nlebedim and A.D. Wilson, “Solvent-driven fractional crystallization for atom-efficient separation of metal salts from permanent magnet leachates,” Nature Communications (July 1 2022) LINK
  • A continuous hot-roll process to manufacture nanograin Neo magnet, Critical Materials Institute, Ames National Laboratory. This was developed through the CMI project led by Jun Cui, Ames National Laboratory. 

The 100 Winners will be announced on August 22, along with Medalists in the five Special Recognition categories and Winners in the five Professional Awards categories.