Iowa State University, Ames National Laboratory at Iowa State Fair, Aug. 11-21

Ames National Laboratory 2022 Iowa State Fair Exhibit
Ames National Laboratory employees Chelsey Aisenbrey and Laura Graves at the Iowa State University fair exhibit "Innovation Revolution." The Iowa State Fair runs Aug. 11-21 this year. 

Ames National Laboratory will be a feature of Iowa State University's "Innovation Revolution" exhibit at the Iowa State Fair, Aug 11-21, in the Varied Industries Building. 

Ames National Laboratory is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022, and its unique relationship with Iowa State University, which has operated Ames Lab for the U.S. Department of Energy since 1947. The Laboratory had its beginnings in the Manhattan Project, inventing a purification method for uranium that was vital for success of the atomic weapons program during WWII. 

The Innovation Revolution exhibit will feature a number of Ames National Laboratory research accomplishments, including the use of lead-free solder in global commercial electronics manufacturing, the upcycling of plastic waste into valuable chemicals, and the recovery of metals from shredded computer hard drives. Interactive displays will allow fair-goers to get a hands-on experience with  Ames Lab science. 

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