Ames National Laboratory, CMI Scientist Ikenna Nlebedim to be featured on Science Friday Live

Science Friday Live event graphic

Critical Materials Innovation Hub Scientist Ikenna Nlebedim will be participating in a public radio event for Science Friday, sharing his expertise in rare earth metals and recycling science to a live audience.

Rare earth materials are a key ingredient in many important technologies, from personal electronics like cell phones and computers, to green energy alternatives like electric vehicles and wind turbines. Because rare earths are in high demand but difficult to process, scientists like Nlebedim have studied ways to recycle and reuse them. 

Nlebedim conducts research at the Critical Materials Innovation Hub, which is led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames National Laboratory. He will do a live demonstration of a process he and other researchers have invented--an environmentally-friendly way of separating rare earth materials out of electronic waste. 

The event is a partnership between the Iowa State University and Iowa Public Radio. 

Science Friday Live at Iowa State University

More information and tickets are available here