Ames Lab science featured in Optics & Photonics News

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New science from Ames National Laboratory was recently featured in Optics & Photonic News:

"Terahertz radiation, with wavelengths that range from 1 to 0.1 mm, lies within the transition region between the microwave and far-infrared bands. Since the 1990s, the interest in terahertz radiation has continued to grow, with applications in information and communications technology, non-destructive sensing and imaging, and biology.

Now, scientists at the Ames National Laboratory, USA, have developed a terahertz microscope that uses a sharp metallic tip to probe complex materials with nanometer spatial precision." 

The science, explained in this news release, was recently published in ACS Photonics, and revealed new information about a perovskite material being studied closely as an alternative to silicon in solar cells. 

News Link: Terahertz Reveals New Insights on Perovskite Solar Cells