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Department of Energy Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall visited Ames Laboratory on Friday, June 12. Sherwood-Randall met with Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory administrators, toured research facilities, gave an all-hands presentation and met with students, scientists and community leaders for a roundtable discussion. Photos from the Deputy Secretary's visit can be found HERE.

Students and faculty in Ames Laboratory's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI), Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) and Community College Internship (CCI) programs started their programs on May 26 and will be working with Ames Lab and ISU mentors throughout the summer.

Fred Perras has been named as the inaugural postdoctoral Spedding Fellow and is working in Marek Pruski's group specializing in DNP-NMR research. The award was officially announced by Director Adam Schwartz at the annual State of the Laboratory address on May 14.

When the editors of Physica C asked Ames Laboratory's Paul Canfield to sum up his 30 years of superconductivity research, he didn’t write mere paragraphs. He wrote limericks. Check out this VIDEO.

Ames Laboratory's Karl A. Gschneidner and fellow scientists have created a new magnetic alloy that is an alternative to traditional rare-earth permanent magnets. Read More