CATS workshop on Mn3X

Mn 3 X materials, with X=Ge, Sn, Ga, Ir,.., have recently been the focus of intense interest. The Mn atoms form a triangular kagome lattice in the plane, with successive planes offset so that the projection on the Mn planes forms Mn hexagons. Because of strong near-neighbor and
next-nearest neighbor antiferromagnetic couplings, these materials are non-collinear antiferromagnets. They typically exhibit a large room-temperature anomalous Hall effect, which points to a confluence of magnetism, non-trivial electronic band topology, and transport properties. This makes Mn 3 X materials interesting both from a fundamental perspective as well as for potential applications. On August 19, 2020, CATS held a virtual workshop that highlighted the current status of research in Mn 3 X with presentations given by leading researchers covering experimental and theoretical advances in our understanding of these materials, as well as open questions and potential research directions.