75 years of materials and energy solutions

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iCOUP researchers

Photo caption: Inside the lab, Aaron Sadow and Kajol Tonk are re-imagining the science of plastics recycling. Photo courtesy of Iowa State Alumni Association.

Ames Laboratory and its contractor, Iowa State University, celebrated its 75th anniversary Tuesday, and are highlighted in a feature from ISU News Service. 

Ames Laboratory, and its predecessor the Ames Project, was born as part of the Manhattan Project. Manhattan Project researchers and Iowa State College chemists Frank Spedding and Harley Wilhelm developed a uranium purification method that became known as the Ames Process and is still in use today.

Iowa’s National Laboratory is shaping its future much like it shaped its past: by being first, by forging new ground and by using science to meet national and global challenges.

News Link: Science for a Sustainable Future: 75 years of materials and energy solutions