CMI Project 4.1.11: Advanced search for high-performance materials (AS4HPM)

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Aurelien Perron at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Advanced search for high-performance materials (AS4HPM)"

Project Description: Development of new advanced materials using less critical elements by leveraging our world class expertise in modeling and simulation techniques such as computational thermodynamics and ab initio electronic structure calculations. This project has definite technological and economic impacts by enabling the development of new (i) High-performance lightweight alloys with improved mechanical properties using elements that are underused (such as Lanthanum and Cerium); (ii) Materials for power electronics and solid-state lightning applications using less critical elements (Gallium and Indium); (iii) Hard magnets using more transition metals (Iron, Nickel, etc.) and less critical rare-earth elements. This project will be tightly coupled with experimental efforts across the different focus areas.