CMI Project 3.2.11: Ce gettering of Cu & Fe in aluminum alloy recycling

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Principal Researchers

Ryan Ott at Ames Laboratory leads the CMI project "Ce gettering of Cu & Fe in aluminum alloy recycling"

Project Description: This project seeks to improve the energy efficiency and economics of Al recycling by using overly-produced rare earth mining by-products (e.g., Ce). Small additions of Ce to selected Al scrap streams increases the alloy tolerances to impurities and improves the overall corrosion behavior. The Ce additions allow for lower quality scrap streams to be used in the production of high-value alloys. This reduces the need for energy and cost intensive high-purity Al additions. The critical materials benefit is the high value market for the low value by-products that are created during mining critical materials like Nd, Pr, Dy etc. This high value market improves the economics of domestic rare earth mining.