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Standard Operating Procedures

The Ames Laboratory’s (Ames Lab) Environment, Safety, Health and Assurance (ESH&A) department provides the following generalized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) examples and a template for use when creating a new SOP. ESH&A encourages individual researchers to refer to these generalized examples as an informational source, but Ames Lab researchers will need to develop SOPs tailored to the specific circumstances of each researcher’s lab. If an individual researcher determines none of these generalized examples may be customized in a way suitable for that researcher’s specific operations, then ESH&A encourages that researcher to seek ESH&A’s assistance in developing suitable SOPs.

These examples were created and shared with ESH&A by a variety of sources.  Accordingly, ESH&A, Ames Lab and its contractor Iowa State University (ISU) caution against using any of the SOPs verbatim because doing so may create personal liability by infringing the creators’ privately-owned copyrights. ESH&A, Ames Lab and ISU make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or sufficiency of the SOPs content for any specific lab, and hereby expressly disclaim any warranty or liability for errors and omissions in the examples' contents.

Blank S.O.P. Template

Arc Furnace SOP

Autoclave S.O.P.

B-Mercaptoethanol S.O.P.

Base Bath S.O.P.

Chemical Handling S.O.P.

Diethyl Ether S.O.P.

Drying Ovens S.O.P.

Eyewash Flushing S.O.P.

Handling Carcinogens S.O.P.

Handling Cryogenic Materials S.O.P.

Hot Plates S.O.P.

Melting Point Apparatus S.O.P.

Organolithium Reagents S.O.P.

Refrigerator Freeze Usage S.O.P.

Rotary Evaporators S.O.P.

Synthesis Small Organic Molecules S.O.P.

Tetrahydrofuran S.O.P.

Torch SOP Example

Use of Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) S.O.P.

Vacuum Pumps S.O.P.