Weak itinerant magnetic phases of La2Ni7

Magnetic data graphs.
(Top) Magnetic Bragg peak intensities vs Temperature. (Bottom left) Magnetic structure of phase A. (Bottom right) Schematic Magnetic Field vs Temperature phase diagram of La2Ni7.
Scientific Achievement

First successful measurement of several complex zero-field antiferromagnetic phases of long studied La2Ni7.

Significance and Impact

Characterization of the magnetic phases is key for revealing behavior of this and other small moment itinerant antiferromagnets. Realization of interesting and novel phases of matter may be achieved by suppressing the magnetic order.

Research Details

  • Temperature dependence of three antiferromagnetic phases reveals one first-order transition at 42.8(5) and two second-order transitions at 57.2(5) and 62.3(7) K.

  • Antiferromagnetic phases comprise of two incommensurate phases (B and C), with different moment directions, and one uniaxial commensurate phase (A).

J. M. Wilde, A. Sapkota, W. Tian, S. L. Bud’ko, R. A. Ribeiro, A. Kreyssig, and P. C. Canfield, Phys. Rev. B 106, 075118 (2022), Editors Suggestion. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.106.075118.

Work performed at the Ames Laboratory, used resources at the High Flux Isotope Reactdor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.