Robust Metallized-DNA Meta-atoms

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depiction of surface roughnessDisorder tolerance of meta-atoms supports self-assembled bio-templating approach for macroscopic scaling.

Research Details

  • Bottom-up self-assembled metallized-DNA meta-atoms are a viable approach for large-scale optical metamaterials but are prone to significant disorder and surface roughness.
  • Our aggregated-random-spheres model simulates the growth and response of metallized-DNA split ring resonators (SRR).
  • Demonstrates useful resonances are still observed even when dramatic disorder is introduced. Demonstrating a high level of robustness of the optical responses of these deeply sub-wavelength meta-atoms.

N. Shen, M. Hossen, A.C. Hillier, T. Koschny, C.M. Soukoulis, Robustness of Optical Response for Metallized-DNA Self-Assembled Metamaterials with Realistic Morphological Disorder and Surface Roughness, Adv. Opt. Mater. 1901794 (2020):