Demonstration of dark-state metasurface laser

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Lasing demonstration visual
Lasing dark states of surface laser with controllable coherent emission through a tightly coupled, weakly radiative metasurface. Direct lasing into dark surface state enables independent implementation of the lasing state and its coherent radiation output. 
Scientific Achievement

Demonstrated lasing in dark resonant states of a surface laser and controllable coherent emission through the aid of a tightly coupled, weakly radiative metasurface.

Significance and Impact

Validated the dark-state surface laser concept separating implementation of quantum gain-coupled resonant photonic state responsible for macroscopic stimulated emission from coupling to a specific free-space radiative optical output — enabling novel surface laser designs.

Research Details
  • Identified the dark mode operation with distinct, observable signatures under linear scattering measurements (no pump) and luminescence/lasing (with pump), verifying agreement between experiment, simulation, and  predicted behavior.
  • The scalability of our design will enable ultra-thin coherent light sources with controllable emission from the infrared to the visible. Design is ideal for large scale on-chip integrated nanolasers capable of free-space beam-forming emission.

S. Droulias, S. Mohamed, H. Rekola, T.K. Hakala, C.M. Soukoulis, and Th. Koschny, “Experimental demonstration of dark-state metasurface laser with controllable radiative coupling,” Adv. Opt. Materials,  2102679 (2022).