CMI Project 2.1.22: SmFeN as a cost-effective high performance magnet

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Principal Researchers

Vitaliji Pecharsky at Ames Laboratory leads the CMI project "Samarium-iron-nitrogen (SmFeN) as a cost-effective high performance magnet"

High-performance permanent magnets (PMs) are important components of high-power density electric motors, generators, and other energy conversion applications. The demand for magnetic materials with reduced critical rare earth content is tremendous. The major goal of this project is to develop thermally stable, sinterable Sm2Fe17N3 powders for manufacturing of fully dense, sintered PMs with properties, comparable to Nd2Fe14B-based analogues. The project will reach the stated goal by accomplishing the following objectives: (1) improve the thermal stability of Sm2Fe17N3-based powders by targeted chemical substitutions and (2) develop cost-effective synthesis paradigm that avoids surface oxidation of powders, thus preventing losses of coercivity above 200°C.