CMI Project 3.1.12: Li-ion battery disassembly, remanufacturing, and Li & Co recovery

Tim McIntyre at Oak Ridge National Laboratory leads the CMI project "Li-ion battery disassembly, remanufacturing, and Li & Co recovery"

Project Description: This project provides research, development, and demonstration of novel methods that maximize value recovery from Li-ion battery stacks, modules and cells by reuse, remanufacturing, and materials recovery. The project team will examine the feasibility of promising automation processes for economically recovering critical materials. Separation technologies and conversion techniques, including bioleaching, will be examined and tested in laboratory settings. In terms of reuse, approaches to evaluate existing battery capacity and to restore some capacity for reuse will be studied and tested. Techno-economic and life cycle analyses will be used to characterize the benefits of the most promising approaches under different scenarios.