Interlayer space tuning in MCM-22 type layered zeolites

Pillaring visual

Scientific Achievement

A first-principles analysis of pillaring in layered zeolitic MCM-22 type materials was carried alongside experimental characterization of pillared MCM-22 variants.

Significance and Impact

This research offers new physico-chemical knowledge about tuning interlayer spacing and the detailed energetics governing pillaring and grafting in all-silica MCM-22 type materials. It also provides insights into structural aspects of the engineering of interlayer spacing in natural ionic adsorption clays. 

Research Details

  • Analysis shows that the interlayer spacing of layered zeolitic MCM-22 type material with low Al content (Si:Al = 51:1) pillared succinic anhydride, can be increased from 2.5 Å to 2.7 Å.
  • The computational result is confirmed experimentally.

Han, Yong; Chattergee, Puranjan; Alam, Sardar; Prozorov, Tanya; Slowing, Igor; Evans, James, “Interlayer spacing in pillared and grafted MCM-22 type silicas: Density functional theory analysis versus experiment”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physicsm, 2022.