Batch Scale Production of 3D Printed Extraction Sorbents

Schematic of miniaturized platform
Schematic representation of miniaturized platform for batch production 3D printed polymeric ionic liquid (PIL) extraction sorbents for high-performance liquid chromatography analysis.
Scientific Achievement

A cost-effective modification to a desktop resin 3D printer was demonstrated to produce polymeric ionic liquid (PIL) extraction devices.

Significance and Impact

The simple modification downsizes the volume required for 3D printing PIL prepolymer. In addition, this platform provides the capability for batch-scale fabrication of PIL-based extraction devices, offering a method for further understanding the extraction mechanisms between ionic liquids and target rare earth elements.

Research Details
  • The modified platform is used for printing of two imidazolium-based ionic liquid monomers featuring different anions. 
  • Two geometries resembling a blade-type PIL sorbent used in thin-film microextraction and a fiber-type sorbent used in solid-phase microextraction were printed.
  • Repeatable extraction results were observed among all PIL sorbents printed at different times. 

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