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About Iowa State University

Iowa State University is a public, land-grant university, where students get a great academic start in learning communities and stay active in 800-plus student organizations, undergrad research, internships and study abroad. They learn from world-class scholars who are tackling some of the world's biggest challenges -- feeding the hungry, finding alternative fuels and advancing manufacturing. For more information, please visit our website at


Iowa State University will create, share, and apply knowledge to make our students, Iowa, and the world better.


Iowa State University will advance the land-grant ideals of putting science, technology, and human creativity to work.


Iowa State University embraces the values of our Principles of Community (Respect, Purpose, Cooperation, Richness of Diversity, Freedom from Discrimination, Honest and Respectful Expression of Ideas), and the values of Access, Excellence, and Integrity.

Strategic Plan

Iowa State University's 2022-2031 Strategic Plan was the culmination of planning and development accomplished during the 2021-22 academic year. The university-wide collaborative process was led by a steering committee chaired by Vice President for Research Peter Dorhout. Four working groups comprised of more than 60 campus and community representatives represented the core of the effort. More than two dozen listening sessions and town hall meetings were held. Input was received from more than 200 survey responses and nearly 530 polling question responses. Overall, more than 500 faculty, staff, students, community members and stakeholders participated in the plan development process. The ISU 2022-2031 Strategic Plan was approved by the Iowa Board of Regents at its June 2, 2022, meeting. On the same day, President Wendy Wintersteen announced plans to jump-start the strategic plan with $10.5 million in initial investments in high-priority initiatives linked to the plan's five strategic goals. To learn more about Iowa State University's Strategic Plan, please visit the Strategic Plan website


Do you want to be a part of something that moves the world forward? Here at ISU it’s possible to combine both your work and interests and be passionate about both. Here’s why:

Iowa State University researchers are tackling the grand challenges of the 21st century through groundbreaking research in biobased chemicals and other biorenewable products, precision agriculture, immunotherapeutics and vaccines, advanced manufacturing and materials, and data-driven science. Not only do our researchers have a longstanding tradition of innovation and discovery, they work across disciplines to find solutions and improve lives in Iowa, the nation and the world. To learn more, visit the Office of the Vice President for Research website. 

Geographic Location
Our campus is conveniently located 45 minutes north of Des Moines and just hours from Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago.

Family Friendly
Iowa State is located in the heart of the Ames community. We offer safe neighborhoods, nationally recognized schools and many family friendly activities.

Iowa State University and the Ames community continue to be recognized as great places to work and live:

Award-Winning Faculty and Staff
Our faculty and staff are regularly recognized often with a variety of honors and awards.

Big 12 Conference
ISU's 16 varsity teams (6 men's and 10 women's teams) compete in the Big 12 Conference, one of the premier athletic conferences.