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There's a wealth of information about Ames Laboratory in the fact sheets available here. To open a printable pdf version, simply click on the thumbnail of the particular fact sheet in which you're interested. We will continue to add fact sheets on individual research efforts so check back and if there's something specific about Ames Laboratory that you'd like to know more about but can't locate, please check with us at

Material Facts

Find out Ames Laboratory's vital facts from budget to what we're known for.


Science into Action

The lead-free solder developed at Ames Laboratory has generated
nearly $59 million in royalty income, making it the top all-time royalty generator for Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University and one of the top for the U.S. Department of Energy.


Critical Materials Institute

Ames Laboratory is leading this $120 million innovation hub that will focus on technologies that will make better use of the critical materials we have access to as well as eliminate the need for materials that are subject to supply disruptions.


Rare Earths Info Card

This handy pocket card highlights the rare earth elements on the front and provides information on the back concerning Ames Laboratory's historical involvement in rare earth research, the Critical Materials Institute and the Materials Preparation Center.

Cool, World-changing Science?

Ames Laboratory is the smallest of the U.S. Department of Energy’s national labs, but we are mighty in scientific achievement. Our reputation was launched by our contributions to the Manhattan Project during WWII, but we haven’t rested on that success. Our science has global reach.

Materials Synthesis

Ames Laboratory has the nation’s most comprehensive
facilities for advanced materials synthesis. We enable science through our synthesis capabilities and new innovations in the science of synthesis.

Top-notch Characterization

Ames Laboratory has an extensive range of
unique characterization tools for materials design and discovery.

Theory Behind the Materials

Computational materials discovery, design, and characterization relies on advanced theories, innovative algorithms and associated software that predict material and chemical properties. All are areas in which Ames Laboratory excels.

The Ames Laboratory Story ...

From its beginnings as part of the Manhattan Project, Ames Laboratory has always been involved in materials research but over the years, research has taken the Laboratory in other directions as well.

What kind of science do we do?

Let us count the ways. We’ve built programs that reflect our multi-disciplinary, cross-cutting approach to scientific discovery..

Materials available nowhere else!

Like high purity research-grade gadolinium. But the Materials Preparation Center at Ames Laboratory is that scientific specialty shop where researchers can go for unmatched purity and quality in rare-earth specimens.


What's the Future of Science?

Students today. At Ames Laboratory, we believe in the future of science and that means reaching, teaching and training students in the science we are doing right now. From elementary-school children to community college and graduate students and faculty, we offer programs that INSPIRE minds about scientific discovery.