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Chemical Conversion Agenda

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Workshop Agenda
Revised: November 28, 2015


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December 2 - Evening

4:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions (John Holladay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)                                                                          

Review of Workshop I  (Robert Brown, Iowa State University)

Workshop Objectives, Guiding Principles, and Big Idea Concept (Cynthia Jenks, Ames Laboratory)

East B/C
4:30 pm  

Panel Discussion: Federal Agency Planning in this Area and Drivers

(Moderator: Mark Petri, Iowa Energy Center, Panelists: Jonathan Male, DOE-EERE-BETO; Mark Philbrick, DOE-EERE-BETO)

East B/C
5:30 pm

Keynote State-of-Technology Presentations                                                                                                                                           

                                           - Expert presentation on modular manufacturing (Mark Gaalswyk, Easy Energy Solutions)

                                           - Industrial challenges for the conversion of lignocellulosic materials: Would modularization work? (Magdalena
         Ramirez, Consultant)

                                           - Market Realities/Project Finance/Applications (Brian Baynes, Flagship Ventures) 

East B/C
7:00 pm  Dinner  East A
7: 45 pm

Keynote Dinner Speaker—Biomass Sources, Characteristics, and Challenges

(Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University)

East A


December 3—Morning  
7:00 am  Breakfast East A
8:00 am

Keynote Speaker—Economics of Waste Conversion

(Mark Mba Wright, Iowa State University)

East B/C
8:30 am

Technical Challenges Presentations Part 1

                                           - Anaerobic Digestion (Largus Angenent, Cornell University)

                                           - Steam Reforming and Solvent Liquefaction (John Holladay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

East B/C
9:20 am Break East Foyer
9:40 am

Panel Discussion: Feedstock Issues 

(Moderator: Robert Brown; Panelists: Thomas Tarka, National Energy Technology Laboratory; Kevin Kenney, Idaho National Laboratory; Chuck Hamstra, City of Phoenix)

East B/C
10:40 am Breakout Session Expectations East B/C
10:50 am

Moderated Group Breakout Session

                                           - Topic Area 1:  Plaza 2 - Discuss and recommend 2-4 target feedstocks based on overall impact and technical
                                                            feasibility or economical difficulty 

                                                                   (Moderator: Robert Brown; Scribe: Jill Euken)

                                           - Topic Area 2: East B/C - Discuss modular chemical processing and identify scaling inflection points
                                                            (size of process), manufacturing  inflection  points (number of units), and
                                                             manufacturing technology needs 

                                                                   (Moderator: John Holladay; Scribe: Mark Wright)

                                           - Topic Area 3: Plaza 1 - Discuss advantages and disadvantages for possible products including 
                                                             crude intermediate, chemical intermediate, finished fuels, etc. 

                                                                   (Moderator: Mark Petri; Scribe: Cynthia Jenks)

11:40 am Presentations and Discussion of Results of Breakout Sessions  East B/C


December 3—Afternoon  
12:10 pm Boxed lunch East Foyer
12:15 pm Box Lunch en route to Red Bud, IL for Optional Tour of Roeslein & Associates Facilities  
1:15 pm Presentations and Tour of Roeslein (Rudi Roeslein, Roeslein & Associates)  
4:00 pm Return to Hotel  
5:00 pm Social Hour East A
6:00 pm Dinner East A
7:00 pm

Keynote Dinner Speaker—Manufacturing Scaling Economics

(Jack Hu, University of Michigan)

East A

December 4 – Morning

7:00 am Breakfast East A
8:00 am

Technical Challenges Presentations Part 2              

                                           - Fermentation (Laurel Harmon, LanzaTech)

                                           - GTL (Dane Boysen, GTI)

                                           - Pyrolysis (Robert Brown, Iowa State University)

East B/C
9:15 am Break East Foyer
9:35 am Instructions for Table Discussions East B/C
9:40 am
Table Discussions about Appropriate Conversion Technologies for Selected Feedstocks (include emerging technologies that may impact current economics or feasibility)

                                           - Discuss engineering paradigm shift for designing for modularity

                                           - Discuss opportunities for process intensification and modularization for various technologies

                                           - Identify technology needs to reduce cost of manufacturing process equipment, process intensification
                                             components, skid components, and module assembly 
East B/C
10:45 am Table Discussion Session Sharing East B/C
11:30 am Wrap-up and Discussion of Next Steps    East B/C
Noon Lunch East A
1:00 pm Workshop Concludes