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Proposal Development Process

Proposal Development Process

Keys to Success

1. Hold Technical Discussions

  • Obtain Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if needed.
  • Share vision and goals.

2.  Notify Sponsored Research Administration and the Budget Office of your intent to prepare a proposal for funding.

  • Obtain a PPF number by calling 294-6486.
  • If proposal is in response to a formal call for proposals, please email your Budget Office Analyst a copy of the call, so they can determine eligibility and set due dates based upon the requirements of the call.

3. Prepare PreProposal Form (PPF) and Proposal.  The instructions for completing the PPF can be found at:

  • Include brief description of the project; define statement of work.
  • Identify funding source or sources.
  • List any IP involved and, if so, make sure to properly mark your final proposal as indicated here.
  • Indicate if the results of the project will be published.
  • Develop the budget.

4. OSRA will email you a pdf copy of the approved PPF.  You may then submit your Proposal to Potential Funding Agency/Partner (NOTE: DOE and Other Federal Agency proposals are normally submitted through an electronic submission system by the Budget Office)

5. Notify the office of Sponsored Research Administration When Funded

  • OSRA Prepares and negotiates contract.
  • Timeline is formulated and deliverables outlined.

6. Get Results!

  • Communicate regularly.
  • Host visits.
  • Foster an atmosphere of collaboration
  • Submit a final report.