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Intellectual Property, Patenting and Licensing

Innovation and discovery have long been  strengths of the Ames Laboratory.  From its beginnings, the Laboratory has been developing processes, products and instruments to contribute to the needs of the Nation and the world. 

Products, processes and instruments developed or being developed by The Ames
Laboratory have contributed to the betterment of the US, the taxpayers and the world.


The Ames Laboratory has a history of successful patent application and issued patents, which continues today.  The chart below shows our IP activity over the last six fiscal years:

Patenting and licensing activities are performed for the Laboratory by our contractor.  ISU's Research Foundation (ISURF) and their Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer maintains a searchable database of technologies available for licensing.  In addition, DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has an Energy Innovation Portal which links the National Laboratories' energy technologies with market opportunities. 
Another great resource is the US Patent and Trademark Office.  In addition to information on the patenting, copyright and trademark processes, they have a searchable database of US Patents: