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Doing Business with Ames Laboratory

Doing Business with Ames Laboratory
Ames Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Iowa State University.

Partnership Mechanisms

Cooperative Research & Development Agreements – Under a CRADA, collaborative research is performed and results are normally shared.  Both Ames Laboratory and its industrial partner(s) may provide personnel, services, facilities, equipment, intellectual property or other resources.  For more detail:

Strategic Partnership Projects – A research agreement through which the Laboratory performs research and development, reimbursed by the organization for whom the work is performed (formerly know as Work for Others).  More detail is available at:

Technical Service Agreements – A short-term service project (less than six (6) months and $25,000) utilizing unique expertise. No research is involved.

Specialized Research Center –The Laboratory’s Materials Preparation Center is a designated DOE specialized research center that operates on a cost-recovery basis.  The MPC prepares high-purity materials and performs analytical services not available from commercial sources. Parties may access materials and alloy services through an appropriate agreement.  For more information:

Personnel Exchanges – A short-term agreement which involves a unilateral or bilateral exchange of personnel between Ames Laboratory and industry.

Contact Us

Julienne Krennrich
Program Director
(515) 294-1202

Stacy Joiner
Manager, Technology Transfer
(515) 294-5932

Beth Pieper
Program Coordinator
(515) 294-6486

Mailing Address:
Innovation Partnership Programs
305 TASF
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(515) 294-6486
FAX:  (515) 294-4456

Working with DOE
For more information on working with the DOE:

About Ames Laboratory
Ames Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory that seeks to accelerate the discovery of new materials by exploring the fundamental physics and chemistry of these materials and adding value by sharing these materials and our know how with the scientific community and partners throughout the U.S. and the world. The Laboratory advances and promotes the application of these materials for economic and national security, and is operated for the DOE by Iowa State University (the Contractor) and is located on the ISU campus.  Ames Laboratory is committed to developing and transferring technologies.  Each year, it generates an average of 10 patents from DOE-supported research and enters into 5-10 licenses and/or options to license.

Public/Private Partnerships
Collaborations between industry and Ames Laboratory can help both parties meet common technical objectives while reducing development risks and leveraging resources.  As a federally funded facility, The Laboratory has scientific and technical capabilities in areas that support key national missions.  These capabilities are also critical to the continued growth of U.S. industries and services.  By collaborating, industry and Ames Laboratory save money by leveraging resources and avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort.  More importantly, collaborations enable both parties to engage each other’s talent, technology, knowledge and facilities.  Visit our Technology Transfer Website for additional Information:

Rules of Engagement
Knowing what to expect of a partnership with Ames Laboratory can enhance the efforts of both parties in identifying appropriate opportunities, negotiating working arrangements and meeting goals and expectations.  Key points to keep in mind:

  • Ames Laboratory does not provide funding to partners (although DOE itself sometimes does).
  • The Laboratory may not do work that is available to potential partners from the private sector.
  • Measures are available to protect valuable proprietary data.
  • Work is conducted on a “best-effort reimbursable cost” basis, meaning there are no guarantees that the work performed will result in achievement of agreed-upon goals.
  • Under certain types of agreements, a company must certify that it will manufacture substantially within the United States, or demonstrate net benefits to the U.S. economy.

Licensing Opportunities
Intellectual property is available for licensing through the Iowa State University Research Foundation, an agent of Ames Laboratory’s Contractor.  Current licensing opportunities are posted at: or can be searched on the Energy Innovation Portal:

Selection of Partners
Ames Laboratory is funded by taxpayer dollars, and as such, fairness of opportunity is a key element in developing partnerships.  The Laboratory takes all reasonable measures to ensure widespread notice of technologies suited for transfer as well as opportunities for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing and joint research arrangements.

Partnering Needs and Expectations
In selecting cooperative research and development partners, the Laboratory must consider: the potential investment return to taxpayers; the partner’s ability and commitment to successfully commercialize the technology; the U.S. competitive advantage; and small business considerations.  These and other issues are addressed in agreements with the industrial partner.

Customer Satisfaction and Ombudsman
Ames Laboratory seeks to swiftly identify and resolve or manage potential conflict-of-interest issues that involve individuals, its Contractor or the partnering company.  Conflicts that are not resolved through partnership selection and agreement negotiation can be addressed through the Laboratory’s Ombuds Program.  The Ombuds Program is a resource for anyone participating in the Laboratory’s collaborative R&D environment to voice concerns and seek solutions.  The Ombuds Program aims to improve the Laboratory’s responsiveness to its partners and other concerned firms by providing them with a dedicated, partner-focused point-of-contact.  For more information: