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Cooperative Research & Development Agreements (CRADA)

CRADAs enable the Ames Laboratory and one or more partners (usually from industry or academia) to collaborate, share costs and pool the results of a particular R&D program. The Laboratory may provide personnel, facilities, equipment or other resources to these R&D collaborations. Collaborating partners may provide funds, personnel, equipment or other resources. Key features of CRADA's and CRADA negotiations include protection of sensitive project data and the negotiation of project-related intellectual property rights. Projects are billed on a cost-recovery basis, and the Laboratory is not allowed to serve as a source of funds for project partners.

The Long Form boilerplate CRADA agreement can be obtained here.

  • Double lined language cannot be changed per DOE.

The Short Form boilerplate CRADA can be obtained here.

  • The DOE has opted to utilize the following agreement, which is uniform across the Departmental facilities, for small value transactions. Except for minor modifications to the terms of this agreement made by CONTRACTOR, most changes will require approval by the DOE Contracting Officer, WHICH WILL LIKELY DELAY THE START DATE OF THE PROJECT. If substanstive changes are required, the DOE model CRADA may be more appropriate due to the increased flexibility such agreements afford. 

Additional DOE accepted terms and conditions can be found at