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Scientific and Technical Information Publications FAQs

What is an Accepted Manuscript?

  • It is a version of the article that has been accepted for publication by a publisher includes changes made by the author during the peer-review process. This is called the final peer-reviewed accepted manuscript.  It includes the same content as the published article in the journal but does not include the publisher's form or format.

Why do I have to submit my publication for review?

  • Your publication will be reviewed for Intellectual Property and proper acknowledgement of DOE funding through the Ames Laboratory.  Submitting your publication for review also allows the STI office at Ames Lab to track it and make sure that it gets submitted to DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).  Our contract with DOE requires us to submit all STI (defined as journal publications, conferences papers, graduate theses, technical and CRADA reports) to OSTI.

Should I pay open access charges?

  • Open access charges are left to the discretion of the individual Program Directors.  Because DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information provides access to our DOE-funded publications through PAGESBeta , in most instances, it is no longer necessary to pay for open access.

Are page charges and color figure charges allowable?  If so, what do I need to do?

  • Publication and color page charges are at the discretion of each individual Program at the Ames Laboratory. Please prepare a purchase order, obtain an IS-J publication number from, provide proper justification and Program Director signature authorizing the expense.
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