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Status of Laboratory Goals



Status of CY2013 objectives and targets.

Item 1: The Ames Laboratory Employee Commuting (ALEC) web application has approximately 20% participation. The WebApp will be streamlined to improve user interface.

Item 2: The transition to thin clients is in process and is on course to be completed by the end of CY2017.

Item: 3: The Laboratory needs to procure one more Environmentally Preferred Product in FY2014 to achieve the DOE’s silver GreenBuy award.

Item 4: Due to major remodeling and renovation activities not all incandescent bulbs will be removed/replaced by the December 31, 2013 target date. A new target date will be established.

Item 5: Hybrid vehicles were added to the Laboratory’s car rental agreement to promote sustainable transportation and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases during business travel

Item 6: Recycling was expanded to include laboratory glass, mixed paper, and newspaper. Recycling is advertised and promoted via the Director’s Message, The Insider, and e-mail.

 Item 7: The Laboratory has a WebX account. The Laboratory had seventy-six employees use this service.

Item 8: Desktop printers were reduced by 26%. Desktop printer purchase must be justified and approved by management.

See the Laboratory's Site Sustainability Plan.