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Status of Laboratory Goals

Status of Calendar Year 2016 objectives and targets.

Item 1 Recommendation: The EMSSC recommends an Open House be held in the Ames Laboratory Storeroom and Warehouse by April 1, 2016.  The Open House will provide Ames Laboratory employees the opportunity to discover what supplies are readily available through the storeroom and showcase the Equipment Pool website.  This recommendation will increase awareness of the sustainable purchasing requirements by showcasing these products.  Encouraging the use of the Equipment Pool website aligns with our objective of diverting solid waste by re-using viable equipment within the Laboratory.  Update:  Open House will be held in the fall to capture in-coming graduate students.

Item 2 Recommendation: The EMSSC recommends using the new chemical inventory system to facilitate the redistribution of chemicals that would otherwise be disposed of as waste.  The target date for this objective is December 31, 2016.  The committee has identified the generation of Hazardous Waste as a significant environmental aspect and the redistribution of chemicals will reduce the potential for unused chemicals to become waste.

Item 3 Recommendation:  The EMSSC recommends the Laboratory register to participate in the National Bike Challenge, 2016 which typically runs May through September.  The Laboratory can register as a “team” or “workplace” and track the miles, CO2 emissions saved, calories burned, and money saved if participants ride for their commute.  Registrants will be eligible to win prizes through the National Bike Challenge organization.  This initiative will encourage green commuting alternatives thus reducing Green House Gas emissions to help the lab reach the DOE goal outlined in the SSP.

The Ames Laboratory encompasses all the aspects of the Site Sustainability Plan into the Laboratory's efforts to meet DOE's sustainability goals.

See the Laboratory's Site Sustainability Plan.