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Ames Laboratory is committed to environmental sustainability in all of its operations as outlined in the Laboratory's Site Sustainability Plan. Executive orders set goals for the reduction of the government's environmental footprint. Because of these, DOE is obligated to reduce its energy usage by 30%, water usage by 16% and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 28%. The Ames Laboratory has a role to play in meeting those goals and a lot to gain if we do, because the associated cost savings can be used in our scientific programs.

Many of our major building renovation projects have the goal of improving our sustainability, and those continue on a longer timescale than our year-by-year goals that are recommended by the Laboratory's Environmental Management System Steering Committee (EMSSC).  Some of our most successful projects (including the cardboard recycling and the CRT replacement programs) have come out of suggestions from Labatory staff. By increasing awareness, modifying our work practices and using energy-reducing technology we can be a leader in energy conservation and environmental responsibility.