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S. Teknowijoyo, Jo, N. H., Scheurer, M. S., Tanatar, M. A., Cho, K., Bud'ko, S. L., Orth, P. P., Canfield, P. C., and Prozorov, R., Nodeless superconductivity in the type-II Dirac semimetal PdTe2: London penetration depth and pairing-symmetry analysis, Physical Review B, vol. 98, p. 024508, 2018.
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Y. Sun, Song, H. J., Zhang, F., Yang, L., Ye, Z., Mendelev, M. I., Wang, C. Z., and Ho, K. M., Overcoming the Time Limitation in Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Crystal Nucleation: A Persistent-Embryo Approach, Physical Review Letters, vol. 120, p. 085703, 2018.
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P. Wiecki, Rana, K., Bohmer, A. E., Lee, Y., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., and Furukawa, Y., Persistent correlation between superconductivity and antiferromagnetic fluctuations near a nematic quantum critical point in FeSe1-xSx, Physical Review B, vol. 98, p. 020507, 2018.
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A. Garcia, Slowing, I. I., and Evans, J. W., Pore diameter dependence of catalytic activity: p-nitrobenzaldehyde conversion to an aldol product in amine-functionalized mesoporous silica, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 149, p. 024101, 2018.
C. Waltmann, Horst, N., and Travesset, A., Potential of mean force for two nanocrystals: Core geometry and size, hydrocarbon unsaturation, and universality with respect to the force field, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 149, p. 034109, 2018.
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P. Wiecki, Taufour, V., Chung, D. Y., Kanatzidis, M. G., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., and Furukawa, Y., Pressure dependence of coherence-incoherence crossover behavior in KFe2As2 observed by resistivity and As-75-NMR/NQR, Physical Review B, vol. 97, p. 064509, 2018.
L. Xiang, Ribeiro, R. A., Kaluarachchi, U. S., Gati, E., Nguyen, M. C., Wang, C. Z., Ho, K. M., Bud'ko, S. L., and Canfield, P. C., Pressure-induced multiple phase transformations of the BaBi3 superconductor, Physical Review B, vol. 98, p. 214509, 2018.
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W. Liu, Wu, Y. F., Li, X. J., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., Panagopoulos, C., Li, P. G., Mu, G., Hu, T., Almasan, C. C., and Xiao, H., Pressure-tuned superconductivity and normal-state behavior in Ba(Fe0.943Co0.057)(2)As-2 near the antiferromagnetic boundary, Physical Review B, vol. 97, p. 144515, 2018.
O. Cyr-Choiniere, Daou, R., Laliberte, F., Collignon, C., Badoux, S., LeBoeuf, D., Chang, J., Ramshaw, B. J., Bonn, D. A., Hardy, W. N., Liang, R., Yan, J. Q., Cheng, J. G., Zhou, J. S., Goodenough, J. B., Pyon, S., Takayama, T., Takagi, H., Doiron-Leyraud, N., and Taillefer, L., Pseudogap temperature T* of cuprate superconductors from the Nernst effect, Physical Review B, vol. 97, p. 064502, 2018.
U. S. Kaluarachchi, Taufour, V., Bud'ko, S. L., and Canfield, P. C., Quantum tricritical point in the temperature-pressure-magnetic field phase diagram of CeTiGe3, Physical Review B, vol. 97, p. 045139, 2018.