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L. Bossoni, Carretta, P., Halperin, W. P., Oh, S., Reyes, A., Kuhns, P., and Canfield, P. C., Evidence of unconventional low-frequency dynamics in the normal phase of Ba(Fe1-xRhx)(2)As-2 iron-based superconductors, Physical Review B, vol. 88, p. 100503, 2013.
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K. Morrison, Dupas, A., Mudryk, Y., Pecharsky, V. K., Gschneidner, K. A., Caplin, A. D., and Cohen, L. F., Identifying the critical point of the weakly first-order itinerant magnet DyCo2 with complementary magnetization and calorimetric measurements, Physical Review B, vol. 87, p. 134421, 2013.
S. K. E. Moorthy, Mendelev, M. I., and Howe, J. M., The influence of spatial and temporal averaging on interpretation of HRTEM images of solid-liquid interfaces, Ultramicroscopy, vol. 124, pp. 40-45, 2013.
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M. Weigand, Civale, L., Baca, F. J., Kim, J., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., and Maiorov, B., Strong enhancement of the critical current at the antiferromagnetic transition in ErNi2B2C single crystals, Physical Review B, vol. 87, p. 140506, 2013.