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V. K. Anand, Quirinale, D. G., Lee, Y., Harmon, B. N., Furukawa, Y., Ogloblichev, V. V., Huq, A., Abernathy, D. L., Stephens, P. W., McQueeney, R. J., Kreyssig, A., Goldman, A. I., and Johnston, D. C., Crystallography and physical properties of BaCo2As2, Ba0.94K0.06Co2As2, and Ba0.78K0.22Co2As2, Physical Review B, vol. 90, p. 064517, 2014.
L. Bordonali, Furukawa, Y., Mariani, M., Sabareesh, K. P. V., Garlatti, E., Carretta, S., Lascialfari, A., Timco, G., Winpenny, R. E. P., and Borsa, F., Low temperature spin dynamics in Cr7Ni-Cu-Cr7Ni coupled molecular rings, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 115, p. 17e102, 2014.
L. Bordonali, Garlatti, E., Casadei, C. M., Furukawa, Y., Lascialfari, A., Carretta, S., Troiani, F., Timco, G., Winpenny, R. E. P., and Borsa, F., Magnetic properties and hyperfine interactions in Cr-8, Cr7Cd, and Cr7Ni molecular rings from F-19-NMR, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 140, p. 144306, 2014.
A. F. Sadykov, Gerashchenko, A. P., Piskunov, Y. V., Ogloblichev, V. V., nikov, A. G., Verkhovskii, S. V., Buzlukov, A. L., Arapova, I. Y., Furukawa, Y., Yakubovskii, A. Y., and Bush, A. A., Magnetic structure of the low-dimensional magnet NaCu2O2: Cu-63,Cu-65 and Na-23 NMR studies, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, vol. 119, pp. 870-879, 2014.
R. Nath, Ranjith, K. M., Roy, B., Johnston, D. C., Furukawa, Y., and Tsirlin, A. A., Magnetic transitions in the spin-5/2 frustrated magnet BiMn2PO6 and strong lattice softening in BiMn2PO6 and BiZn2PO6 below 200 K, Physical Review B, vol. 90, p. 024431, 2014.
Y. Furukawa, Fang, X., and Kogerler, P., Spin dynamics of the giant polyoxometalate molecule {Mn40W224} studied by NMR, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, vol. 26, p. 196003, 2014.
Y. Furukawa, Roy, B., Ran, S., Bud'ko, S. L., and Canfield, P. C., Suppression of electron correlations in the collapsed tetragonal phase of CaFe2As2 under ambient pressure demonstrated by As-75 NMR/NQR measurements, Physical Review B, vol. 89, p. 121109, 2014.
Y. Inagaki, Sakamoto, Y., Morodomi, H., Kawae, T., Yoshida, Y., Asano, T., Hosoi, K., Kobayashi, H., Kitagawa, H., Ajiro, Y., and Furukawa, Y., Unusual Magnetic Ordering Observed in Nanosized S=1/2 Quantum Spin System (CH3)(2)NH2CuCl3, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, vol. 83, p. 054716, 2014.