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F. Zhang, Ji, M., Fang, X. W., Sun, Y., Wang, C. Z., Mendelev, M. I., Kramer, M. J., Napolitano, R. E., and Ho, K. M., Composition-dependent stability of the medium-range order responsible for metallic glass formation, Acta Materialia, vol. 81, pp. 337-344, 2014.
F. Zhang, McBrearty, I., Ott, R. T., Park, E., Mendelev, M. I., Kramer, M. J., Wang, C. Z., and Ho, K. M., Discovery of a meta-stable Al-Sm phase with unknown stoichiometry using a genetic algorithm, Scripta Materialia, vol. 81, pp. 32-35, 2014.
F. Zhang, Mendelev, M. I., Zhang, Y., Wang, C. Z., Kramer, M. J., and Ho, K. M., Effects of sub-T-g annealing on Cu64.5Zr35.5 glasses: A molecular dynamics study, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 104, p. 061905, 2014.
X. Zhao, Nguyen, M. C., Zhang, W. Y., Wang, C. Z., Kramer, M. J., Sellmyer, D. J., Li, X. Z., Zhang, F., Ke, L. Q., Antropov, V. P., and Ho, K. M., Exploring the Structural Complexity of Intermetallic Compounds by an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm, Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. 045502, 2014.
Y. Zhang, Mendelev, M. I., Wang, C. Z., Ott, R., Zhang, F., Besser, M., Ho, K. M., and Kramer, M. J., Impact of deformation on the atomic structures and dynamics of a Cu-Zr metallic glass: A molecular dynamics study, Physical Review B, vol. 90, p. 174101, 2014.
Y. Zhang, Wang, C. Z., Zhang, F., Mendelev, M. I., Kramer, M. J., and Ho, K. M., Strong correlations of dynamical and structural heterogeneities with localized soft modes in a Cu-Zr metallic glass, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 105, p. 151910, 2014.
F. Zhang, Wood, B. C., Wang, Y., Wang, C. Z., Ho, K. M., and Chou, M. Y., Ultrafast Bulk Diffusion of AlHx in High-Entropy Dehydrogenation Intermediates of NaAlH4, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 118, pp. 18356-18361, 2014.