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M. C. Nguyen, Zhou, L., Tang, W., Kramer, M. J., Anderson, I. E., Wang, C. Z., and Ho, K. M., Cluster-Expansion Model for Complex Quinary Alloys: Application to Alnico Permanent Magnets, Physical Review Applied, vol. 8, p. 054016, 2017.
R. Skomski, Ke, L. Q., Kramer, M. J., Anderson, I. E., Wang, C. Z., Zhang, W. Y., Shield, J. E., and Sellmyer, D. J., Cooperative and noncooperative magnetization reversal in alnicos, Aip Advances, vol. 7, p. 056222, 2017.
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L. Q. Ke, Harmon, B. N., and Kramer, M. J., Electronic structure and magnetic properties in T2AlB2 (T=Fe, Mn, Cr, Co, and Ni) and their alloys, Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 104427, 2017.
U. S. Kaluarachchi, Deng, Y. H., Besser, M., Sun, K. W., Zhou, L., Nguyen, M. C., Yuan, Z. J., Zhang, C. L., Schilling, J. S., Kramer, M. J., Jia, S., Wang, C. Z., Ho, K. M., Canfield, P. C., and Bud'ko, S. L., Highly responsive ground state of PbTaSe2: Structural phase transition and evolution of superconductivity under pressure, Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 224508, 2017.
L. Q. Ke, Skomski, R., Hoffmann, T. D., Zhou, L., Tang, W., Johnson, D. D., Kramer, M. J., Anderson, I. E., and Wang, C. Z., Simulation of alnico coercivity, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 111, p. 022403, 2017.
Y. Sun, Zhang, F., Ye, Z., Ding, Z. J., Mendelev, M. I., Kramer, M. J., Wang, C. Z., and Ho, K. M., Structural ordering at solid-liquid interfaces in Al-Sm system: A molecular-dynamics study, Materials Letters, vol. 186, pp. 26-29, 2017.