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Y. M. Wang, Voisin, T., McKeown, J. T., Ye, J. C., Calta, N. P., Li, Z., Zeng, Z., Zhang, Y., Chen, W., Roehling, T. T., Ott, R. T., Santala, M. K., Depond, P. J., Matthews, M. J., Hamza, A. V., and Zhu, T., Additively manufactured hierarchical stainless steels with high strength and ductility, Nature Materials, vol. 17, 2018.
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B. Xu, Feng, T. L., Li, Z., Zhou, L., Pantelides, S. T., and Wu, Y., Creating Zipper-Like van der Waals Gap Discontinuity in Low-Temperature-Processed Nanostructured PbBi2nTe1+3n: Enhanced Phonon Scattering and Improved Thermoelectric Performance, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, vol. 57, pp. 10938-10943, 2018.
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Z. Li, Yu, L., Milligan, C., Ma, T., Zhou, L., Cui, Y. R., Qi, Z. Y., Libretto, N., Xu, B., Luo, J. W., Shi, E. Z., Wu, Z. W., Xin, H. L., Delgass, W. N., Miller, J. T., and Wu, Y., Two-dimensional transition metal carbides as supports for tuning the chemistry of catalytic nanoparticles, Nature Communications, vol. 9, p. 8, 2018.