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R. Toft-Petersen, Reehuis, M., Jensen, T. B. S., Andersen, N. H., Li, J. Y., Le, M. D., Laver, M., Niedermayer, C., Klemke, B., Lefmann, K., and Vaknin, D., Anomalous magnetic structure and spin dynamics in magnetoelectric LiFePO4, Physical Review B, vol. 92, p. 024404, 2015.
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Q. Zhang, Tian, W., Peterson, S. G., Dennis, K. W., and Vaknin, D., Spin reorientation and Ce-Mn coupling in antiferromagnetic oxypnictide CeMnAsO, Physical Review B, vol. 91, p. 064418, 2015.
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W. R. Lindemann, Wang, W. J., Fungura, F., Shinar, J., Shinar, R., and Vaknin, D., The effect of cesium carbonate on 1-(3-methoxycarbonyl)propyl-1-phenyl 6,6 C-61 aggregation in films, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 105, p. 191605, 2014.
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Q. Zhang, Wang, W. J., Kim, J. W., Hansen, B., Ni, N., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., McQueeney, R. J., and Vaknin, D., Magnetoelastic coupling and charge correlation lengths in a twin domain of Ba(Fe1-xCox)(2)As-2 (x=0.047): A high-resolution x-ray diffraction study, Physical Review B, vol. 87, p. 094510, 2013.