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A. Devarajan, Markutsya, S., Lamm, M. H., Cheng, X. L., Smith, J. C., Baluyut, J. Y., Kholod, Y., Gordon, M. S., and Windus, T. L., Ab Initio Study of Molecular Interactions in Cellulose I alpha, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 117, pp. 10430-10443, 2013.
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S. Markutsya, Devarajan, A., Baluyut, J. Y., Windus, T. L., Gordon, M. S., and Lamm, M. H., Evaluation of coarse-grained mapping schemes for polysaccharide chains in cellulose, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 138, p. 214108, 2013.
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K. Yan, Schoendorff, G., Upton, B. M., Ellern, A., Windus, T. L., and Sadow, A. D., Intermolecular beta-Hydrogen Abstraction in Ytterbium, Calcium, and Potassium Tris(dimethylsilyl)methyl Compounds, Organometallics, vol. 32, pp. 1300-1316, 2013.