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S. L. Samal, Gulo, F., and Corbett, J. D., Cluster Chemistry in Electron-Poor Ae-Pt-Cd Systems (Ae = Ca, Sr, Ba): (Sr,Ba)Pt2Cd4, Ca6Pt8Cd16, and Its Known Antitype Er6Pd16Sb8, Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 52, pp. 2697-2704, 2013.
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F. Gulo, Samal, S. L., and Corbett, J. D., Substantial Cd-Cd Bonding in Ca6PtCd11: A Condensed Intermetallic Phase Built of Pentagonal Cd, and Rectangular Cd4/2Pt Pyramids, Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 52, pp. 10112-10118, 2013.